Angus Rubber Crumb

Easy to apply - many advantages

What is Rubber Crumb?

It is chips of rubber made entirely of recycled tyres which are shredded to size.


Our shredded tyre product is suited for many applications:

  • Equestrian arenas (can be added to sand in an arena surface)
  • Surfacing trails and paths
  • Animal bedding
  • As an additive to asphalt

Our shredded tyre product is also great for keeping weeds down in your garden!

How often have you had to replace your ornamental bark, the shedding not only looks good but keeps the weeds down to a minimum, so saving you time to enjoy your garden more!!


The main advantages of our shredded tyre product are:

  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Gives added spring
  • Virtually Dust Free
  • Wind resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Resists freezing
  • Retains moisture in sand base in dry perdiods
Chips and coin

For full product details and prices, contact Errol on 01307 462584